The Uses for Neodymium Magnets


  • Construction toys that use neodymium magnets as building blocks are small in size and stick together strongly. For small children’s toys, the magnets are embedded in large, hard-to-swallow plastic parts. The magnets in adult construction kits have a nickel coating. Neodymium magnets also see use as couplers for toy trains and in magnetic puzzles.


  • Electric motors use permanent magnets. The stronger the magnet in a motor, the more power the motor develops. The high strength of neodymium magnets creates small motors with more power than ceramic, iron or other magnet types. Compact neodymium-magnet motors run electric cars, scooters and bicycles.


  • Scientific demonstrations benefit from the neodymium magnet’s strong magnetic field. The Meissner Effect, a popular demonstration of magnetic levitation with superconducting materials, works best with the strongest possible magnet. Other demonstrations include bending an electron beam in a cathode ray tube with a magnet’s field and dropping a magnet down a long aluminum tube to show Lenz’s Law.


  • Neodymium magnets have improved the sound quality of portable and desktop music players. Stereo speakers, earphones and ear buds contain tiny magnets that vibrate a diaphragm from an electronic signal, making sound. The strength of neodymium magnets allows small devices to produce high-quality music.

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