Rare Earth Permanent Magnet

Rare earth permanent magnet material is Samarium, neodymium mixed rare earth and transition metals (such as cobalt, iron, etc.) the composition of the alloy, with powder metallurgy-pressure sintering, by the magnetic field obtained after magnetizing a magnetic material.

Samarium Cobalt rare earth permanent magnet points (SmCo) and neodymium iron boron permanent magnet (NdFeB) permanent magnet system, which SmCo magnet energy product in the 15 ~ 30MGOe between, NdFeB permanent magnet system of energy product between the 27 ~ 50MGOe was referred to as "permanent king", is the highest permanent magnetic materials. Samarium cobalt magnets, magnetic properties despite its excellent, but with reserves of rare earth metals samarium and scarce and expensive strategic metal cobalt, therefore, its development had been restricted. The development of rare earth permanent magnet industry in China began in the late 60s, when the leading product is samarium – cobalt permanent magnet, the current samarium – cobalt permanent magnet in the world sales of 630 tons, China was 90.5 tonnes (including SmCo magnetic powder), mainly for military technology.

Rare earth permanent magnet materials are now known to the highest overall performance of a permanent magnet material used in the nineteenth century than the magnetic properties of magnets 100 times higher than ferrite, aluminum, nickel and cobalt is much superior performance than the expensive platinum-cobalt alloy magnetic properties is also twice as high. As the use of rare earth permanent magnet materials, not only promoted the development of permanent magnet devices to small, improved product performance, and to promote the production of some special device, so rare earth permanent magnet materials appeared, immediately gave rise to great importance, rapid development. China’s development and production of various rare earth permanent magnet material properties close to or reached the international advanced level.

Now rare earth permanent magnet materials have become an important communication electronics materials, used in satellite, radar and other aspects of traveling wave tubes, circulators as well as micro-motors, micro-recorders, aviation equipment, electronic watches, seismographs, and other electronic instrument. Application of rare earth permanent magnet currently has penetrated to the automotive, household appliances, electronic instruments, magnetic resonance imaging device, audio equipment, motor, mobile phones and so on. In health care, the use of rare earth permanent magnet materials "magnetic point therapy", so much higher efficacy, thereby contributing to the "point magnetic therapy" of rapid promotion. In various areas of application of rare earth, rare earth permanent magnet material is the fastest growing one. It is not only to the rare earth industry in tremendous momentum, and also a considerable number of related industries far-reaching impact.

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