Pipe Conveyor- the new equipment for High Capacity Open Pit Conveying

A new conveyor design is set to help reduce conventional heavy-duty truck traffic and the resulting high operating costs in open pit mines. This article presents the design and the initial findings of the feasibility study on the JZ Creation pipe conveyor for a 350 m-deep open pit mine and a mass flow of 5000 t/h.
A research and development consortium founded by Contitech, Siemens, and Thyssen­krupp will be marketing the jointly develop Chevron-Megapipe conveyor. The high-strength ribbed steel cable conveyor with its nominal strength of up to 9500 N/mm and an outer diameter of up to 900 mm facilitates the cost-effective conveyance of ore and overburden with lump sizes up to 350 mm over mine slopes with angles of inclination of 30° to approx. 45°.

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