Permanent magnet

In the absence of external magnetic field, can long maintain its magnetic objects. Permanent magnet can be used with ferromagnetic materials, such as iron, nickel made of.The atomic structure of the special atomic magnetic moment itself. These mineral elements generally arranged in confusion, sectors influence each other on nearly as good as magnetic, but guided by external forces such as magnetic elements arranged in the direction of convergence, we show magnetic properties, which is commonly known as the magnet, iron, cobalt, nickel is the most common magnetic material. Basically, the permanent magnet and soft magnet points, permanent magnet is made of magnetic material with magnetic spin and electronic angular momentum into a fixed direction of arrangement; Soft is a plus current, so current removed, the soft iron will slowly loss of magnetism.Magnet is a generic term generally refers to a magnetic, the actual composition may not contain iron. Than the pure metallic state of iron does not have a permanent magnetic, and only close to the permanent magnet will produce magnetic induction, permanent magnet inside a general increase in other impurities, such as adding carbon to make the magnetic stabilized, but this would reduce the freedom of electronic which are not easily conduct electricity, so when the current through the light bulb is not up, with a magnetic iron is a common element, but many other elements have a stronger magnetic, like many powerful magnet is neodymium, iron and boron mixture,Anti-magnetic: a permanent magnet against magnetic and non-magnetic interference and to maintain its permanent nature of the measure.

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