Neodymium Magnets for pickups Incoming

Well, as the title says, i’ve got myself a pack of neodymium magnets from everbeen magnets will coming soon. They’re 1/8 by 1/2 inch and are grade N48. I intend to use them to make myself some homemade pickups. It’s the first time i’m going through this process and i thought neodymium would make a good challenge for a first time since there is almost no information available on the net about how to use them to make pickups.

This is my first time making pickups, and especially with this material; I’m wondering if there is any tips, advice, direction or whatever you could tell me to help with the process, and i’m not talking about the general building process, which I’ve read a few hours about. But more specifics about how to use neodymium magnets in particular.

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