Neodymium Magnets for Health


  • Neodymium is a rare earth-element usually yellowish or silver-white in color. When neodymium is combined with iron and boron and exposed to magnetic fields it forms a powerful magnet. This kind of magnet can be expected to last approximately 20 years.

    Time Frame

  • The time it takes for a neodymium magnet to heal a person is affected by the body building a resistance to the magnetic field. Periodic discontinuance is suggested for optimal benefits. This is due to the body developing resistance to the magnets.The length of time a person needs to use the magnet hinges on the personal physiology of the user. Also the degree and duration of the problem being treated are factors. The time frame has been known to fluctuate from minutes to weeks.


  • A neodymium magnet covers the alleviation of pain and the general improvement of health. This may allow for a reduction in pain medication. Use of a neodymium magnet within the field of athletics includes aid in warming muscles to improve performance levels.


  • Though used for healing, a neodymium magnet can be harmful to peoples’ health. People should not use this magnet if they have pacemakers because the magnet disrupts them. The fragility of this magnet means it can create dangerous fragments if it breaks. This is countered by encasing the neodymium magnet with rubber or plastic, though some manufacturers still use metal casings. When attracted to an object the magnet can trap and injure the body part it was attached to. Bones can sometimes be broken when this happens. Because of their powerful magnetic field, a neodymium magnet cannot be set down near electronic or magnetic items, such as televisions, credit cards, computer monitors and media players.


  • There are conflicting results on studies analyzing the health effects of the neodymium magnet. Of two studies that found positive results, one tested trigger points for 45 minutes, and the other used shoe insets for four months. These studies have been questioned.

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