How to Treat Hair Loss During Pregnancy

Treat Hair Loss During Pregnancy

While some women experience healthier-than-normal hair during their pregnancy, there are those who suffer from hair loss. While pregnancy-related hair loss is most likely the result of fluctuating hormone levels and is completely normal, it can be embarrassing and stressful for a woman. However, there are steps you can take to treat hair loss during pregnancy.

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Talk to your doctor. If you are experiencing hair loss, it is most likely the result of fluctuating estrogen level. Your physician may be able to check your hormone levels and, if necessary, prescribe additional vitamin or mineral supplements. At the very least, she can reassure you that some hair loss is normal.


Reduce your anxiety. Stress plays a big role in your body’s overall health, including the health of your hair. Feeling stressed out can actually increase the amount of hair loss.


Eat well. Pregnancy-related hair loss can be a symptom of a diet deficient in essential vitamins and nutrients. Make sure that you are eating a well-balanced diet, with plenty fruits and vegetables, and taking any vitamin supplements your doctor has prescribed.


Avoid frequent hair washings, and refrain from over-styling your hair. You may even want to consider a short style until at least 6 months postpartum, when estrogen levels return to normal and hair loss is minimized.

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