How to Straighten Nappy Hair

Hair is one of the mankind’s greatest accessories. Male or female, a head of wild, frizzy and nappy hair is generally not a flattering look. Silky, straight hair is more manageable and generally more sophisticated in appearance. You may straighten nappy hair several different ways with varying levels of permanence. Daily straightening lasts until you wash it again, while permanent straightening is permanent only to the hair that has been treated, making a repeat treatment necessary as new hair grows in. Different types of nappy hair are more or less resistant to some techniques, but the majority of them can be straightened.

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Things You’ll Need

Comb blow dryer attachment
Hair color applicator brush or Rattail Comb
Hair straightening serum
Ionic Blow Dryer
Petroleum Jelly
Wide-Tooth Comb
1 Pair of plastic gloves
2 Towels (hand towels or bath towels)
3 Butterfly clips

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For Permanent Straightening


Section dry hair into quarters, restraining 3 sections with butterfly clips. Using petroleum jelly, rub all around the hairline, ears and nape of neck. Take care not to get the jelly on the hair itself.


Put on plastic gloves, wrap a towel around your shoulders, and mix cream relaxer with activator until completely blended smooth.


Using hair color application brush/rattail comb, paint cream relaxer on one of the rear quarters of nappy hair, beginning at the roots nearest the crown. Work outward by making small parts within that quarter of hair and painting the nappy hair root to tip coating entire section.


Repeat the process to the other three sections, removing one clip at a time, painting small sections within each quarter, working root to tip.


Smooth cream through nappy hair with fingers, adding cream to places that you have missed and adding cream to areas that are most nappy, like around the ears and neck.


Rinse cream from hair completely and follow relaxer kit instructions for shampoo and conditioning.


Follow steps for temporary/daily straightening.

For Temporary/Daily Straightening


Comb shampoo, conditioned and towel-blotted hair in small sections with a wide-tooth comb, starting from the ends and working the comb up to the roots.


Section into quarters and restrain three sections with butterfly clips.


Rub hair-straightening serum between your hands and then work it through the first unclipped section of hair, root to tip.


Plug in ionic blow dryer and attach comb attachment


Blow dry hair section by running blow dryer comb through nappy hair from root to tip.


Repeat steps 3 to 5 on each of the other sections to straighten hair.


With wide-tooth comb, comb entire head of hair back and blow dry hair back from root to tip to get rid of the parted sections.

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