How to Straighten Barbie Hair

Straighten Barbie hair to improve its appearance.

Straightening Barbie hair and restoring its shiny, flat appearance is fun and easy. Because when children play with Barbie dolls, the synthetic hair often becomes frizzy. Instead of allowing your Barbie to have unkempt hair, you might want to straighten it. Besides, even Barbie deserves a new look now and again.

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Things You’ll Need

Small cup
Microwave oven
Fine-toothed comb
Hair conditioner

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Fill the small cup halfway with water. Microwave the water until it boils.


Hold the Barbie doll over the sink and carefully pour the boiling water over the Barbie hair to saturate it.


Comb the Barbie hair to remove curls and frizz. Gently comb the hair until it’s straight.


Allow the hair to completely dry.


Check the hair to see if it straightened. If it still has frizz and curls, dampen the hair slightly with water and add a small dot of hair conditioner. Comb the hair and again pour boiling water over it. Now gently comb the hair once more.

Repeat the process as necessary to achieve straight Barbie hair.

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