How to Regrow Hair in Women

Hair loss is frequently fairly easy to fix–if you know the cause of it.

In women, hair loss is usually associated with hormonal changes. By adjusting the way your body produces hormones or responds to these changes, you can regrow your hair and get thicker and fuller hair in the bargain. However, since hair loss can signify a number of health problems, be sure to work with your doctor to insure that regrowing your hair is not not simply masking a larger issue.

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Identify the problem. Contact your doctor and work with them to eliminate major health issues. Hair loss often indicates thyroid problems or major hormone changes due to menopause. It is possible that treating these issues will resolve your hair loss without further action on your part.


Nourish your hair from within. One of the reasons many pregnant women appear to “glow” is that their hair becomes long, thick and lush due to prenatal vitamins. However, you do not have to get pregnant to regrow your hair. Hair vitamins do the same thing as neonatal vitamins, but are designed for use by women who are not pregnant. Insuring that your hair is getting the nourishment it needs is the first step to thicker, fuller hair.


Stay hydrated. Particularly in winter months when the climate is hard on hair anyway, staying hydrated is vitally important if you want to delay or halt hair loss. Make sure that you are drinking plenty of water. This will strengthen existing hair and alleviate hair loss.


Try a potato hair mask. Potatoes have been a popular and natural hair loss treatment for years. Apply a blend of mashed potatoes, one egg yolk, one teaspoon of vegetable oil, one teaspoon of liquid honey and a tea-spoon of fine salt to your scalp once a week. You could get results in as little as a month.


Relax. The most common cause for hair loss is stress. Particularly if you fiddle with your hair when you are stressed out, you may actually be causing your own hair loss problem. Take time each day to meditate or take a scheduled break from your hectic schedule to calm and sooth yourself–perhaps with a hot cup or tea or aroma-therapeutic bath.

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