How to Organize a Hair Show

Hair shows can introduce trendy styles to the public.

Modern bobs, wild mohawks and gothic and punk cuts are the kinds of hairstyles found at a hair show. Salons often conduct hair shows to introduce their products, cutting methods and expertise to the general public and sometimes offer styling sessions free-of-charge. Hair shows may also offer basic education on how to take care of different types of hair in addition to introducing new hair trends. A successful hair show requires preparation, advertising and the right location.

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Determine the theme and purpose of your hair show. Some hair shows are limited to demonstrations of hair styles on live models. Other shows include makeup skills demonstrations, barbering skills workshops, styling competitions, professional speakers, free styling sessions and vendor stalls that sell hair products.


Write an action plan that delineates all the tasks that need to be completed prior to the show. These tasks may include creating a budget, finding sponsors, securing speakers and hiring hair models.


Make a budget for the hair show event. To save money, consider inviting other salons to co-host the event and share in the costs. Budgetary items include the cost of hiring models and professional speakers, the cost of a venue and food and drinks. The price of attendance and products on sale will be determined by your total budget, because these are two of your biggest revenue generators.


Create sponsorship packages. To attract corporate sponsors for your event, you need to have two or three sponsorship packages with clearly-defined benefits. For example, you can reserve a "Five Star Sponsor" package for any organization that contributes $15,000 or more, with benefits such as premium company advertising, a stage presentation, company name and logo prominently displayed on all hair show marketing items and V.I.P. tickets to the event.


Visit possible venues in your community. Hair shows are often held in locations such as convention centers and hotel ballrooms.


Market your event. Create a website and social media page to generate online interest in the hair show. Make color brochures for the event and hand them out at local malls and salons. Advertise in fashion and hair care magazines.


Hire hair models and book professional speakers for the event. Select models of different ethnicities with varying hair length and texture to maximize the different styles you can demonstrate at the show. If your show includes competitions, you must also hire judges to officiate.


Finalize the order of events and confirm that all speakers, sponsors and vendors are participating.


Print out your official show guide, which includes paid advertisements and photos of the venue. Send the official guide to all sponsors, speakers and vendors.

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