How to Finance Hair Transplants

Unlike some medical procedures, hair transplants are not deductible medical expenses, making them more difficult to finance. However, you do not need to have enough money saved to finance the entire cost of your hair transplants. With a little advance planning, you can have enjoy the benefits of hair transplants today while you make affordable monthly payments in the future.

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Schedule a consultation with a hair loss specialist in your area. You can search for specialists on your own or speak with your primary care physician to get referrals to some surgeons.


Discuss your expectations with the hair loss specialist. The extent of your hair loss and your expectations for the procedure will determine how much surgery is necessary. Most hair transplant surgeries available today are priced per graft and can involve more than a thousand grafts, causing the procedure to be quite pricey.


Assess the amount that you can afford to pay upfront. The more that you are able to pay at the time of the hair transplant, the less that you will have to finance. In total, this will result in your paying less in finance charges.


Speak with your hair loss surgeon about the financing options that his office offers its patients. Hair loss specialists often have special arrangements with financial companies, as their patients may not be able to afford to pay for the full cost of surgery.


Compare the financing options available directly through your surgeon with competing health care financing plans from companies like Unicorn Financial, Care Credit and Capital One (see Resources below). In addition to comparing the terms over which you need to pay the cost of your surgery and the interest rates, make sure you check whether there is a grace period during which you are not charged any interest at all.


Complete an application for the financing plan of your choice. Be sure to request a line of credit that will allow you to cover the cost of your hair transplant surgery.

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