How to Dress Semi-Formally in Cold Weather

Dressing warmly but fashionably presents a challenge.

Dressing in semi-formal attire can present a problem during cold seasons, especially for women. If you have to spend any amount of time outside in today’s fashionable sleeveless styles and short hems in the winter, you are exposed to the elements and frigid temperatures. For men, the problem is not quite so severe since most semi-formal men’s attire features long sleeves, pants, socks and jackets. If you are a woman who lives in a cold climate and you plan to attend a semi-formal event, consider taking precautions to ensure you don’t suffer from hypothermia before you reach your destination.

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Things You’ll Need

Warm fashionable scarf
Tights or hose
Long coat, cloak or cape

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Check the weather report for the date of your engagement. If you will be outside for any length of time, consider wearing a long dress, pantsuit or dressy slacks that permit you to wear stockings or tights underneath to keep your legs warm.


Purchase a dress made from a warm fabric such as a wool blend, cashmere or knit if you must wear a short dress. Your legs will be visible, and tights are generally too casual for semi-formal attire, but you can wear thicker hosiery to keep your legs warm.


Don’t wear a flimsy lightweight jacket with your dress; instead, wear a long coat. Alternatively, wear a fashionable cloak, cape or a thick wrap.


Consider wearing a body-hugging, tight-fitting undergarment beneath your dress, which can serve two purposes during winter months: It can keep the line of your body slim, while its layers create layers to maintain body heat.


Wrap a heavy fashionable scarf around your neck for added warmth and wear some stylish gloves. Not only are scarves chic and stylish, but when you keep your neck warm, your body stays warm. If the weather turns windy and colder, bring the scarf up over your head.

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