How to Dress for Casual Friday

Dress for Casual Friday

Many companies allow for casual dress on Fridays. While this isn’t the case at all workplaces, it’s a growing trend around the country. If you have recently started a job that offers casual Friday, it can be something to look forward to at the end of the week. But not knowing how to dress for it can sometimes make it more of a headache than a bonus.

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Read your employee handbook to find out what is and isn’t acceptable attire for casual Friday. Follow the guidelines closely, as you don’t want to risk your reputation or even your job on something as trivial as what you wear.


Ask co-workers about their experiences with casual Friday. An especially good source is a co-worker who has worked at the company for a long time. Ask what types of clothing they normally wear to get a firm grasp on the restrictions.


Stay professional even if it’s casual Friday. You don’t want to dress too casual as that isn’t appropriate for most companies. You can wear less formal clothes, but you want to retain a level of professionalism.


Select a sweater set and knit pants. This is a great outfit for women to stay stylish on casual Friday. You can also choose a casual skirt, however don’t pick anything shorter than an inch above the knee. Ballet flats or low heels are also appropriate. Men should choose khaki pants and a sweater or button down shirt. This is always a safe bet for casual Friday for men. Tuck your shirt in and wear a pair of loafers or lace up leather shoes.


Bring a change of clothes in your car in case you get called to meet a client or attend a business meeting. If you need to change clothes for whatever other reason, you can be prepared for anything by bringing a suit or other more corporate clothes to change into in an emergency.

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