How to Color Gray Hair With Tea

How to Color Gray Hair With Tea

For some people, going gray can be scary. Several may attempt to cover up their graying hair by going to the salon or hair color section of their favorite department store. However, what most people may not have realized is that they can dye their hair safely at home without resorting to chemicals. Using a few tea bags and some simple herbs you can dye your gray hair naturally. This cheap and easy method takes little time and can be less of a hassle than running to your local stylist.

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Things You’ll Need

Tea bags

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Easy dye


Boil one cup of water in a large pan. Adding three tea bags to the water allow the tea to steep. Add one teaspoon each of rosemary and sage (either fresh or dried) to the tea. Allow the tea to sit for 24 hours.


Strain the tea. Pour the tea into a large enough bowl to place the majority of your head into. (If you prefer you can pour the tea into a spray bottle, these can be bought at almost any department store and are relatively cheap in price).


Shampoo your hair as you normally do. Pour the tea onto your hair making sure you cover your whole head with the tea. (You can use the spray bottle to spray the mixture onto your head instead if this method is easier for you). Slightly dry your hair with a towel but do not rinse. Your hair should be darker in color almost immediately but you may need to continue the process until you reach the color you want.

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